Permanent marking and contrast.
Laser marking for metals, paints and paint thinners, oxidizers, wax sticks and heat transfer
Combine CO2 laser or rotary engraving with our wide range of color fills and oxidizers for incredible results! Gravotech proposes rotary engraving supplies and laser engraving supplies like TherMark® and CerMark® spray, top-end products for metal laser marking to achieve black marking. TherMark® and CerMark® spray are compatible with stainless steel, titanium, chromium, nickel, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and the majority of crude metals. Available in spray, paste, or tape, to create high contrast and a permanent black mark on metals. As an engraving supplier, we also make engraving color like Gravolaque and Nitrolaque, and oxidizers like Aloxide and Gravoxide, cold wax sticks, and hot-printing foils. For sure, you will find the engraving supplies you need for your materials and your engraving color wishes.

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Lubricant Tarfil for metal engraving 215 g.

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Price €20

Aluminum oxydizing Aloxide 100 ml.

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Price €20

Aluminum cutting fluid Vargol 500 ml.

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Price €30.5

Laser lens and mirror cleaning kit.

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Price €33.6

Metal marking paste 50 g black.

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Metal marking paste 250 g black.

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Metal marking spray 340 g.

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Metal marking paste 500 g black.

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Cleaner Gravoclean 500 ml.

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AF 10 Biocide 500 ml.

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Kaiverrusapuaine GEL metalleille.

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Price €30