Our engraving and cutting expertise lead us to build our own software. Create your engraving and cutting paths, pilot your machines, design your 3D jewellery, Anything is possible!
Our CAD/CAM software range, TypeEdit, and TYPE3-CAA are conceived to ease the transition between the world of graphic ideas and a manufacturing process. Create a 3D rendering of moulds, prototypes, medals, and more. TYPE3-CAA is an add-on to CATIA®.
Gravostyle, Lasertrace, and ABC are our CAD and piloting software for Gravotech laser machines and rotary engraving machines. Design your engraving jobs using texts, vectors, symbols, and variables. Compatible with personalization, signage, and traceability applications. Available for all experience levels.
We also provide 3D jewelry software: 3Design. 3Design uses the latest graphic display technology for a realistic design experience. Create the most amazing jewelry and make sure that what you have in mind is what will be manufactured!


Gravostyle™ is a professional cutting and engraving software that puts Gravotech engraving expertise in reach. Benefit from advanced possibilities and save time! Unique features available: Braille, Photostyle, Print & Cut, and more.
Due to our history of making engraving machines, we have a full understanding of the engraving process. Gravostyle™ is a CAD/CAM software fully compatible with all of our technologies. The software/machine interaction streamlines and improves your day-to-day engravings with functions like Point & Shoot.


Lasertrace is the Gravotech industrial software for traceability and identification. Various functions are available in a simple and friendly interface, for all industrial production needs.
The Lasertrace production mode will connect and interact with your IT infrastructure, for semi-automated production. Access your database and your ERP, directly send marking files to your machines without needing a PC, manage duplicates and automatically create historic log files. Complete your traceability system with code readers to verify the marking quality.


ABC is a easy to use software created for engravers with simple engraving needs. The software interface is easy to understand as it is based on visual icons. Quickly design your engraving job in 3 steps: 1. Choose your plate size. 2. Compose your engraving. 3. Set up your machine. Various functions are available to assist you at each step, such as the Point&Shoot function to define your engraving area. Preview mode allows you to check your composition before the engraving starts.

Type 3

TYPE3-CAA is the only add-on available in CATIA ® environment for text creation and mapping.
Create and alter text, as well as manage stroke fonts, numbers and symbols.  
Simple and quick vectorization of black & white or color pictures, with dedicated parameters.    
High quality, flexible projection and mapping of text, symbols, logos, or graphics on 3D complex shapes.