Dot peen machines for integration

Marking by dot peen and scribing offer permanent, tamper-proof marking. All our marking systems are designed to be integrated into any production process, to directly mark all metallic and plastic parts, whatever the shape or surface finish.
Gravotech invented dot-peen marking in 1981 to meet the growing coding and identification needs of industrial parts. Future-oriented, Gravotech continues to develop solutions dedicated to the progress of industrial engraving and marking and offers several technologies: pneumatic, electromagnetic, or scribing. Our range of integrated dot peen marking machines and scribing machines are the most reliable and efficient on the market.
Our dot peen marking and scribing marking systems offer permanent, legible, and deep marking on metals and plastics at a low purchase cost and high return on investment. Their integration on production lines is quick and easy thanks to their compact design and full connectivity.
As the inventor of dot peen technology in 1981, Gravotech has never ceased to expand its permanent marking systems know-how. Today we are able to offer our customers two types of dot peen machines:
Our pneumatic dot peen marking machines are the best for marking applications requiring a very short cycle time to meet the speed requirements of industrial sectors.
The electromagnetic dot peen marking machines are more suitable for applications that need high-precision and consistency. It is particularly recommended for Data matrix marking and Part identification in the direct part marking process.
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Dot Peen XF510SP intergr 100x80mm XCOm.

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Price €8976

Scribing machine XF510Sr 80x50mm incl XCOM.

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Scribing machine XF510Cr 40X50mm with XCOM.

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XF510Dr GEV HEAD 160X50.

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Dot Peen deep marking XF530 inc XCom.

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Price €11730