CNC routers

Mecanumeric Group offers a new generation of CNC routers recognized by the Industry Automation.
Mecanumeric Group is highly respected on the following markets : rapid prototyping, POS Advertising, 3D cutting , engraving and highly precise milling for various demanding industry segments.
Manufacturing is requiring on today highly sophisticated solutions. Based on our vast portfolio of solutions, Mecanumeric offers the right tailored CNC solution to your manufacturing process.
Mecanumeric Group is continiously reinforcing long service life and efficiency of its CNC solutions with permanent upgrade of the quality of our key mechanical components.
Accuracy and soundness of our CNC solutions do not compromise a combined adaptability and simplicity of use, delivering to clients an optimum profitability.
The company offers a full line of standard 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines, in addition to custom routers, small lathe, laser and water jet solutions.
Mecanumeric Group proposes assistance and maintenance to all the product range.
At Mecanumeric Group, we look for the delivery of integrated solutions to clients’ processes, in order to maintain flexibility, maximized returns and productivity on sites.


Precision milling/cutting machine (router) with simple use for machining plate materials in the sectors of advertising, sign, sign board, POP, plastics, aluminium transformation….. The MECAPRO range is very versatile and be used for a large variety of applications / materials.
  • Precision milling/cutting CNC machine (router), easy to use with numerous possibilities of customization.
  • Designed and realized for a professional use.
  • Machining of sheet plates in various fields such as aeronautics, plastic processing and composites, precision mechanics, aluminium processing, advertising and POP…
  • Equipment with fixed table in working areas from 1000x1500 mm to 2500x6000 mm as standard and up to 3500 x 16000 in special realization.
  • Innovative and efficient vacuum tables with turbine technology or vacuum pumps.
  • MECANUMERIC numerical controls as standard or SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN type as option.
  • Quality kinematics integrating industrial components delivered by the world leaders in their field, mounted on stabilized and welded steel frames.
  • Options for trades adapted to the current requirements of customers in each activity sector.
Some of the materials to be used (according to the selected spindle and tool) on :
  • Plastic in rigid plates (PMMA-PC-PS-PVC-ABS..)
  • Expanded plastic and alveolar plates
  • Rigid foams (PU- PS-…)
  • Semi rigid foams (KAPA line®,…)
  • Composite materials for building : Alucobond®, Dibond®, Reynobond®,..
  • Composite materials for industry (polyester resin loaded with glass fiber, carbone fiber...)
  • Wood and by-products.
  • Polyester resins.
  • Light alloys with Aluminium base or copper base.
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Soft stones, marble, granite (only engraving)
  • Suction of milling chips by a large range of professional suction device .
  • Various vacuum tables
  • Static tool shop or rotative tool shop
  • Tool coolant by oil spraying - Tool / material cooling system by frozen air .
  • Multifunction heads options (M3TH) for 3 tools with tangential control 
  • Cutting knife for material thickness <2 mm
  • Vibrating cutting knife for light and alveolar materials till 15 mm thickness
  • Grooving tool for packaging application    
  • (GRAFITRONIKS®, OPTISCOUT®, ICUT®) vision registration/compensation system by camera.
  • Horizontal numerical divisor (4th axis)
  • SIEMENS numerical control and SIEMENS servomotors  
  • Automatic debatcher for holding material VILMILL®
  • Multi-head system (2, 3 or 4 heads) for simultaneous machining of several parts
  • Security zone around machine controlled by radar or immaterial barriers


Discover the new range of very high pressure Waterjet equipment MECAJET designed and manufactured by MECANUMERIC, for cutting of several materials:

* Soft materials:
- rubber
- plastics
- leathers...

* And, with addition of abrasive, hard materials:
- metal
- ceramic
- glass
- stone
- composite materials...
  • Designed and manufactured for intensive and professional use.
  • Cutting of soft materials with pure water (rubber, plastics, foam, leather…) and hard materials (metal, ceramic, glass, stone, composites...) with addition of abrasive.
  • Fixed table equipment with working size from 1000x2000 mm up to 2000x6000 mm in standard.
  • Wide possibilities of customization.
  • Driving system on numerical control CN9000 ISO and CAM software dedicated for water jet cutting applications.
  • High pressure pumps at 4136 bar or 6200 bar.
  • Patented cutting heads and systems of metering and feeding abrasive.
  • 3 axis or continuous 5 axis cutting heads.
  • Quality kinematics which integrates industrial components delivered by worldwide leaders in their sector and assembled on high inertia steel welded frame, stainless steel tank with adjustable water level.
  • 5 axis head for mounting on Z axis single head machines
  • Additionnal 3 axis head for mounting on Z axis double head machines
  • Divider, fourth horizontal digital axis for work on tubes
  • Manual head orientation system +/- 45 ° angle
  • Electronic flatness tracking system for 3-axis Z1 single head
  • Auxiliary head for drilling - Electrospindle 2.2 KW / 15,000 rpm max
  • Auxiliary drilling head, pneumatic
  • Water softener
  • Ballast system for rapid immersion
  • Sludge suction and recovery system
  • Aiming laser
  • Abrasive water check valve


Fixed table, mobile laser, average power. Sealed laser sources from 100 to 600W enable to get a very low operating cost because these laser do not require exterior laser gas and they have a life time of 15000 to 18000 hours, before any gas reloading.